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Hotel Amerika

Hotel v klidném prostředí Velkého Meziříčí


"The most beautiful view is from the horse saddle"


We are here for all who would like to experience horse riding,

we are looking forward to complete beginners and advanced riders, too.


Equestrian club members:

  • children and students from the age of 8 to 26
  • children divided into groups based on their experience and ability level
  • have horses at hand which are very appropriate for young riders
  • attend a riding course at least once a week + one hour of obligatory help in a horse barn


  • individual and adjusted to children pace, lessons take place 1-3 times a week
  • getting your horse ready for the ride (fetching the horse from the paddock, cleaning, saddling)
  • theory and basic knowledge about horses, assistance in barns, feeding, etc.
  • missed lessons are not refunded


  • monthly fee 500 CZK / child riding a pony
  • monthly fee 1000 CZK/ a child/ student riding a horse
  • payments accepted in cash, each month till 10th day in a month in our hotel


  • boots, tight comfortable trousers, other pieces of clothing due to the weather
  • safety helmet with a three-point lug (cycling helmet)
  • pen and a sheet of paper, if needed - some snack and drink


Children learn how to handle a horse, how to take care of it and how to ride it. Bashful and inexperienced children will be taught patiently.


Equestrian club Amerika is located 2 kilometers distant from the centre of Velké Meziříčí town. From the motorway D1 EXIT 141 (Velké Meziříčí – West). The hippodrome is situated into wonderful scenery in the countryside, surrounded by forests, ponds, paths close to Natural park Balinské údolí.

Application forms to Equestrian Club Hotel Amerika in the hotel or at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



child riding a ponny

500 CZK/month

child/ student riding a horse

1000 CZK/month

Ride to the field (one hour)

350 CZK

Riding lesson in a riding hall without an instructor

350 CZK

Riding lesson in a riding hall with an instructor

750 CZK

30 minute lungeing

250 CZK

Season ticket 10 hours + one hour for free

3 000 CZK

Firm events

by agreement

Pasture housing

2 500 CZK

Stall housing

from 3 000 CZK

Rent sand riding hall (one riding hour from 350 CZK)

by agreement


Season tickets and Vouchers.


!!! Please note that the Web sites http://www.jkamerika.4fan.cz is no longer active !!!


Find us on: facebook - Equestrian club America